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Green Schools Program
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The 2019/2020 Macomb County Green Schools GUIDELINES and APPLICATION are here!!!


2019/2020 Macomb County Green Schools Guidelines


2019/2020 Macomb County Green Schools Application

REMINDER: Do NOT use the "Submit Form" button in Adobe! You must SAVE the document, and attach as a PDF to your email submission!!! Please contact us if you have any questions or trouble submitting your application!

2019/2020 Macomb County Green Schools Checklist


The "I Voted" Sticker Contest Guidelines (if applicable)





Check out the list of the 2018/2019 Macomb County Green Schools!!!



Macomb County’s Green Schools 2018-2019 Celebration Event Recap:

The Macomb County Board of Commissioners recently honored the 122 schools which achieved Official Michigan Green School status for the 2018-19 Program Cycle.

Of those achieving Official Michigan Green School status:

  • 10 have participated every single year since the beginning of our program:
    Beer Middle School, Carkenord Elementary School, Eisenhower Elementary School, Eisenhower High School, Jefferson Middle School, L'Anse Creuse Middle School - Central, Salk Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary School, St. Augustine, and St. Joan of Arc.
  • ALL 122 have robust recycling programs
  • ALL 122 have energy efficiency activities in place; meaning that they are saving resources and saving money.

Each year, as part of the Macomb County Green Schools program, the opportunity for students to create and submit a logo which may be considered for use specifically in Macomb County Green Schools program materials in the upcoming year.

Tori Trumper from Seneca Middle School, is the creator of the winning logo this year!

Each year the "best of each category" is recognized for the designations of Green, Emerald and Evergreen. Top Schools for 2018-19 are as follows:

  • Green Designation Category: Lakeview Early Childhood Center – Wheat Campus
  • Emerald Designation Category: Austin Catholic High School
  • Evergreen Designation Category: Amanda Moore Elementary School
  • Top Overall: Wilkerson Elementary School
  • In addition: A Most Improved Award was given to Will L. Lee Elementary, a Growing Green Award was given to Seneca Middle School!


NEWS:  2019 Green Advocate Award Winner - Theresa Whitenight, Dresden Elementary School

This year, the Macomb Green Schools Program presented the third annual Green Advocate Award to Theresa Whitenight, from Dresden Elementary. Theresa’s nomination came from Nicole Willinger, a teacher at Dresden Elementary School.

Theresa Whitenight started her teaching career in 1990.  She is enthusiastic and loves to share her knowledge of nature and the outdoors with students.  Theresa and her husband, Joe, started the 4H Outdoor Adventure Club at Dresden 8 years ago.  They average 50-80 members each year which includes current and former Dresden students.  Activities include hiking and discussing important topics such as invasive species, Leave No Trace ethics, respecting wildlife, respecting other visitors in a natural area by being quiet and unobtrusive.  Members also identify animal tracks, frog calls, and trees in both summer and winter.  They discuss plants and animals in different habitats such as meadows, swamps, lakes, ponds, and forests.  During all of the hikes members practice Leave No Trace ethics by leaving each area better than they found it and not leaving a negative impact.  They pick up any trash they find, do not shortcut trails but travel on durable surfaces to leave less impact with the group, use reusable water bottles, never carve on trees or rocks, and stay away from wildlife and just enjoy viewing them from a safe distance.  They have also visited nature centers: Stony Creek Nature Center, Metro Beach Nature Center and Sterling Heights Nature Center.

The Whitenight's dedication extends beyond the school day and even the school year.  Members participated in a rock climbing trip to the UP in May, a day canoeing trip on Harsen's Island in June, a weekend canoeing trip on the Manistee River in August, a hiking trip to Kentucky in September, and some went on a winter camping trip in January.  One may wonder about what the transportation vehicle is for these trips.  The answer is simple…they have their own bus!

This year, Theresa has also created a Michigan Wildlife leadership team that meets once per month.  The students learn about what all living things need to survive: food, water, shelter, space.  They are learning to respect wild animals, even when they live in close proximity to humans.  Second through sixth graders have learned how to let wild animals be wild and not add to their habituation (keeping garbage in a secure container, respecting wild areas, not interfering touching or trying to catch wild animals).

Congratulations to Theresa Whitenight, 2019 Green Advocate Award Winner!

We are looking forward to the 12th year of the Macomb County Green Schools Program!


Why Participate in the Green Schools Program? 


The Michigan Green Schools Program is a fun, educational initiative which encourages students to participate in activities that are good for the environment and promote energy efficiency and savings.

Be sure to check out a few events going on at other Macomb County Green Schools by visiting our Info-Ideas-Events page. If you have something going on related to your Green School Program, please let us know so we can help promote!

Click here for ideas, activity opportunities, and other resources.