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Green Schools Program
Board of Commissioners

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About the Green Schools Program

2018-19 Academic School Year

The Macomb County Board of Commissioners recently honored the 122 schools which achieved Official Michigan Green School status for the 2018-19 Program Cycle.

Of those achieving Official Michigan Green School status:

  • 11 have participated every single year since the beginning of our program:
    Beer Middle School, Carkenord Elementary School, Eisenhower Elementary School, Eisenhower High School, Jefferson Middle School, L'Anse Creuse Middle School - Central, Salk Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary School, St. Augustine, and St. Joan of Arc.

  • ALL 122 have robust recycling programs

  • ALL 122 have energy efficiency activities in place; meaning that they are saving resources and saving money.

Each year, as part of the Macomb County Green Schools program, the opportunity for students to create and submit a logo which may be considered for use specifically in Macomb County Green Schools program materials in the upcoming year.

Tori Trumper from Seneca Middle School, is the creator of the winning logo this year!

Each year the "best of each category" is recognized for the designations of Green, Emerald and Evergreen.  Top Schools for 2018-19 are as follows:

Green Designation Category: Lakeview Early Childhood Center – Wheat Campus

Emerald Designation Category: Austin Catholic High School

Evergreen Designation Category: Amanda Moore Elementary School

Top Overall: Wilkerson Elementary School

In addition: A Most Improved Award was given to Will L. Lee Elementary, a Growing Green Award was given to Seneca Middle School!

2019 Green Advocate Award Winner - Theresa Whitenight, Dresden Elementary School


2017-18 Academic School Year

128 Macomb County Schools earned Official Michigan Green Schools status for the 2017-18 academic year! School honorees were celebrated at an event held at the Macomb Intermediate School District on March 27, 2018. 

Top Awards:

Top Green - Will L. Lee Elementary

Top Emerald - Washington Elementary

Top Evergreen - Utica Alternative Learning Center

Best New Ideas Award - Hamilton-Parsons Elementary

Top Founder Award - Jefferson Middle School

Top Overall Application - Chippewa Valley High School

New this year was the "Green Advocate Award" which is awarded to an individual who goes above the call of duty and provides exceptional leadership in environmental education and green activities. This year's was Ariella Sinistaj, a student at Utica Alternative Learning Center.

2016-17 Academic School Year

125 Macomb County Schools earned Official Michigan Green Schools status for the 2016-17 academic year! School honorees were celebrated at an event held at the Macomb Intermediate School District on Monday, April 17, 2017. 

Top Awards:

Top Green - North Lake High School

Top Emerald - Kaiser Elementary

Top Evergreen - Iroquois Middle School

Best Technical Application - Anchor Bay Middle School - North

Top Overall Application - Eisenhower High School

New this year was the "Green Advocate Award" which is awarded to an individual who goes above the call of duty and provides exceptional leadership in environmental education and green activities. This year's inaugural winner is Kevin Bai, Chippewa Valley High School.


2015-16 Academic School Year

We appreciate the 128 schools that have achieved Official Michigan Green Schools status for the 2015-16 academic year!  Schools were honored at a celebration event held on April 15, 2016.  Of the 128 participants, 44 earned Green status; 33 earned Emerald status; and 51 achieved Evergreen status, the highest possible designation.

Logo Design Winner: Seneca Middle School 8th grade student, Kayleigh King

Creativity Award: L'Anse Creuse Middle School Central

Repurposing Program Award: Lutz School

Superior Application Awards: Macomb County JJC School; St. Joan of Arc School; St. Mary School; Kaiser Elementary; Carkenord Elementary; Iroquois Middle School

Top Green School: Pleasantview Elementary School

Top Emerald School: Richards Middle School

Top Evergreen School: Mohawk Elementary School

Top Overall: Holden Elementary School

2014-15 Academic School Year 

A huge thank you and congratulations to the schools that participated in the Michigan Green Schools Program this year.  Out of the 120 schools that participated in Macomb County, 20 received Green Designation, 33 received Emerald Designation, and 67 (56%!) received Evergreen Designation.   

The awards given out this year are as follows: 

Top Overall School: Crescentwood Elementary 

Top Evergreen School: Cherokee Elementary 

Top Emerald School: Career Prep Center

Top Green School: Havel Elementary School 

Super Recycler Award: Lutz School 

Creative Conservation Award: Fountain Elementary School 

2013-14 Academic School Year

Congrats to all of the schools that participated in the Michigan Green Schools Program this past school year.  This year 22 schools achieved "Green" status; 43 earned "Emerald" status; and 64 earned "Evergreen" status. 

This year the Top School Awards for each designation were: 

Top School Award - Green Designation:  Roseville Middle School

Top School Award - Emerald Designation:  Indian Hills Elementary School 

Top School Award - Evergreen Designation:  Cousino High School 

Five Year Honorees: 

  • Algonquin Middle School

  • Anchor Bay Middle School South

  • Ashley Elementary School

  • Butcher Education Center

  • Charles McGlinnen Elementary School

  • Cherokee Elementary School

  • Chesterfield Elementary School

  • Chippewa Valley High School

  • Davis Jr. High

  • Dean A. Naldrett Elementary School

  • Donald J. Yacks Elementary School

  • Endeavour Middle School

  • Fountain Elementary School

  • Green Elementary School

  • Grissom Middle School

  • Harmon Elementary School

  • Huron Elementary School

  • L'Anse Creuse  Middle School South

  • L'Anse Creuse Middle School East

  • L'Anse Creuse Middle School North

  • Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center School

  • Margaret Black Elementary School

  • Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy

  • Ojibwa Elementary School

  • Rainbow Elementary School

  • Robbie Hall Parker Elementary School

  • Seneca Middle School

  • Sequoyah Elementary School

  • Shawnee Elementary School

  • South Lake Middle School

  • South River Elementary School

  • St. Mary School

  • Steenland Elementary School

  • Utica High School

  • Warren Woods Middle School

  • Warren Woods Tower High School

  • Westview Elementary School

  • Wyandot Middle School

While there have not been many changes to the coming year's application, creativity, innovation, and originality are encouraged for the 2014-15 applications.  

2012-13 Academic School Year:

2012-13 marked Macomb County's fifth year of participation in the Michigan Green Schools Program.  127 schools applied and achieved Green Schools status.  Of those, 27 earned "Green" designation; 47 earned "Emerald" designation; and 53 earned "Evergreen" designation.

Schools which have incorporated sustainabilitly into everyday practices and maintained a commitment to educate and promote environmental education and stewardship to Macomb County students for five consecutive years were honored.

Five year honorees:

  • Atwood Elementary School

  • Beer Middle School

  • Joseph Carkenord Elementary School

  • Clintondale Middle School

  • Eisenhower Elementary School

  • Eisenhower High School

  • Flynn Middle School

  • Francis A. Higgins Elementary School

  • Jefferson Middle School

  • L'Anse Creuse High School

  • L'Anse Creuse Middle School Central

  • Salk Elementary School

  • Sequoyah Elementary School

  • St. Augustine School

  • St. Joan of Arc School

  • Westwood Elementary School.

Superior Application honorees for 2012-2013:

  • Atwood Elementary - Audra Adamski

  • David Jr. High School - Donna Hrynyk

  • Francis Higgins Elementary - Michelle Reynaert

  • Glen H. Peters School - Amanda Ternes & Liz Clark

  • Green Elementary - Shelley Alwardt

  • Harmon elementary - Katherine Legeret

  • Reach Charter Academy - Jim Street

  • South Lake Middle School - Kathy Tisdale

  • South river Elementary - Karen Fraeyman

  • Violet Elementary - Julie Sabelhaus & Jamie Clausen

  • Warren Woods Middle School - Tiffany Heikkila

  • Warren Woods Tower High School - Deann Kujawski & Katie McWherter

  • Westview Elementary School - Kathryn Nelson

Top Awards:

  • Top Green School - Elmwood Elementary, St. Clair Shores

  • Top Emerald School - Robert G. Lutz School for Work Experience, Clinton Township

  • Top Evergreen School - Romeo High School, Romeo

  • There was a tie for Top Overall!:  St. Mary School, Mt. Clemens and Jefferson Middle School, St. Clair Shores

New Macomb County Green Schools Logo:

Twenty-four schools in the Macomb County Green Schools Program submitted student-created designs to be considered for use as a logo in Macomb County Green Schools program materials. Students representing all levels between kindergarten and 12th grade sent in submissions; which made a final decision of just one very difficult.  The finalist was submitted by a student from Warren Consolidated Schools’ Career Prep Center.

Description of the entry:

The evergreen tree is symbolic of the land and vegetation we need to protect. The birds breaking free from the tree are symbolic of two things – protecting our wildlife and protecting the air we breathe. The steams on either side of the tree are symbolic of the need to protect our most precious natural resource – our water. Water is the essential ingredient to sustain all forms of life. The logo is designed to resemble a poker chip because our environment is nothing we should gamble on.

2011-12 Academic School Year:

The 2011-12 Michigan Green Schools Program cycle has ended.   Changes in the law that established the Green Schools Program were made in December, 2010.  These changes affected the 2011-12 application process for new as well as experienced schools.

There are now five categories for designated points and activities.  At least 2 activities from each of the first four categories must be earned to achieve Green School status.   Additional options are given in the fifth category, but these miscellaneous items must be approved by a county coordinator.

Schools (121) earning Official Michigan Green Schools status for the 2011-12 year were honored at a Celebration held at the MISD on Monday, April 16, 2012. Prizes were awarded for best application in category for Green, Emerald and Evergreen as well as Macomb's Overall Top School.  Winners of the Project RE-Directory Challenge were announced during the event as well.

2010-11 Academic School Year:

The 2010-11 academic year marked the third program cycle for the Macomb County Green Schools Program. A total of 101 schools from across the county achieved Official Michigan Green School status. 105 applications were submitted by the March 1, 2011 deadline which provided details and descriptions of activities that schools participated in to achieve the criteria set forth by PA 146 as well as the enhancements added by the Southeast Michigan Green Schools Initiative.  A special review panel carefully reviewed each application submission and ultimately approved 101 schools for Official Green School status. Of the 101, 32 schools completed an additional five activities to earn "Emerald" status and 36 earned ten additional points for "Evergreen" status.

Each schools' special achievement was honored at an Awards Ceremony held at the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) building on April 11, 2011. Schools new to the program or returning after having been off for a year earned a flag - returning schools each earned a special patch for the designation earned this year as well as in previous years.  Each school also received a certificate signed by Macomb County Board Chair Kathy D. Vosburg and Governor Rick Snyder.

Carter Middle School earned the honor of Top School for the Macomb County Green Schools 2010-11Program year.

In addition, the three Sterling Heights schools which participated in AT&T's Project ReDirectory Challenge learned the results of their efforts to collect outdated phone books at the Awards Ceremony:

1st Place:     Collins Elementary School collected 13.19 tons and earned $500

2nd Place:    Margaret Black Elementary School collected 9.44 tons and earned $400

3rd Place:     Flynn Middle School collected 5.94 tons and earned $300

What an amazing effort by students, staff and the community!!

2009-10 Academic School Year:

The 2009-10 academic year was the second for the Macomb County Green Schools Program. A total of 71 schools from across the county achieved Official Michigan Green School status. Program enhancements were made to allow schools to participate in more activities and earn designations of "Green," "Emerald," or "Evergreen." More than 80 applications were submitted by the March 1, 2010 deadline which provided details about activities relative to the criteria set forth in the law as well as the additional enhancements added this year. After a thorough evaluation by a review panel, the 71 schools which met or exceeded requirements were approved for Official Green School status.

Each schools' special achievement was honored at an Earth Day Ceremony held at the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) building on April 22, 2010. The new flag (below) was given to schools; in addition each school received a certificate signed by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Lt. Governor John D. Cherry and Macomb County Board Chair Paul Gieleghem.

2008-09 Academic School Year:

Macomb County first launched in 2008-09 academic school year with participation from 45 schools across the county. Staff and students from various elementary, middle and high schools took part in activities and began initiatives which met the 10 points required for Official Michigan Green School status. Applications with details were submitted and reviewed for compliance. Schools were awarded the below flag and a certificate at an Earth Day awards celebration. 

In 2009, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties formed the Southeast Michigan Green Schools Initiative and added further enhancements to the Michigan Green Schools Program so that schools that have already achieved Official Green School status can take their efforts to a higher level. Schools new to the program may also choose to complete extra points to achieve one of the new designations.


The Michigan Green Schools Program originated from a grassroots initiative by students at Hartland High School. In the spring of 2006, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed Public Act 146 into law creating the Michigan Green Schools Program. The law states that counties may award Official Michigan Green School status to schools who achieve 10 of 20 criteria specified.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signing Public Act 146