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Green Schools Program
Board of Commissioners


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Michigan Sea Grant Education

Michigan Sea Grant program seeks to apply science-based knowledge to address Great Lakes, western Lake Erie and southern Lake Huron issues.  The program is especially relative to fourth-grade students and involves approximately 200 classes each year in classroom learning and educational cruises on Lake St. Clair and the lower Detroit River.

Visit here for more info.

A helpful publication for schools working on water-related topics and activities is, "An Introduction to Michigan Watersheds." This publication is available at the Sea Grant web site above or can be retrieved directly at:

Contact: Steve Stewart


MSU Extension

MSU Extension works with schools to offer classroom programs designed to complement the learning curricula and integrate with Green Schools Program requirements.  Explore the website for more resource information. 

Contact: Kathy Hale


Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance is a coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day.  Educational resources are provided as well as opportunities to participate in activities and contests. You can find their resources here.

2017 Go Green Youth Challenge Contest information has been uploaded and the theme is We All Need Trees.

Contact:  Jennifer Hunnell


Macomb County Public Works Office

Macomb County Public Works is dedicated to preserving and
protecting the environment by offering a variety of ways in which
citizens can become active and aware of issues as well as helpful
links for environmental education.  Visit here for more information.

Contact:  Claudette Wizniuk –


Clinton River Watershed

Clinton River Watershed is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and celebrating the Clinton River, its watershed and Lake St. Clair. The Clinton River Watershed Council provides programs and services in the areas of watershed management and storm water education. See the website at

Contact: Kathleen Sexton


Green Advocacy Committee

GAC is part of the U.S. Green Building Council and aims to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated in the greater Detroit region. GAC offers many programs to teach children in Michigan schools how a green school can positively impact their lives, their community and the environment.

Contact: Connie Lilley

Free K-12 sustainability lessons for your class are available through a partnership of the Green Advocacy Committee and the Green Education Foundation:  Click here for more information:

Wildlife Education and the Endangered Species Program

Ruth Ann Prey spends her time trying to raise school children's awareness of endangered wildlife and to help children raise funds to ensure the survival of endangered wildlife.

Contact: Ruth Ann Prey


Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

MAEOE promotes environmental literacy through education by teaching not only wellness and concern about the total environment, but also the consequences and knowledge to resolve issues. With their mission, MAEOE also has an assortment of initiatives to get children outside and involved.

Visit the MAEOE website  for access to educational resources and a huge list of grant funding opportunities



MI Green Team L3C

MI Green Team offers a variety of events, from educational seminars to community festivals.  Educational support and resources are provided on the Green Kids Resources page.

Contact: John Batdorf


Wild Birds Unlimited of Macomb

Wild Birds Unlimited cares about Macomb Schools!   Their mission is to bring people and nature together and to do it with excellence.  Wild Birds Unlimited of Macomb, MI has refurbished birdfeeders available to schools participating in the Green Schools Program.  Contact Pam Gors for more information about picking up a refurbished birdfeeder from the store.  

Contact: (586) 229-2798

20241 Hall Rd. between Romeo Plank and Heydenreich on the north side in Sargent Macomb Center


Detroit Zoological Society

The Detroit Zoological Society provides a broad audience with outstanding and unique educational opportunities that lead to the appreciation and stewardship of nature.  See the website for more information

Contact:  Sarah Popp

The ADOPTS program provides an opportunity for you to support endangered species around the world; see the website for more details on how to satisfy the endangered species activity point on your Green Schools application.  

Contact: Eunice Graham


DTE Energy

DTE Energy Kids website has activities and resources for students:


High Touch High Tech

High Touch High Tech (HTHT) facilitates science in a fun and interactive way for children with hands-on experiments and nature experiences. HTHT brings science experiments to schools and encourages students to become involved in what they're learning.  Find more information here.

Neil Lipman


Michigan Science Teachers Association

Michigan Science Teachers Association offers support and resources to teachers. Follow them on Facebook at



EnergyStar Kids resources and games and opportunities for K-12 schools are available here.


Carton Opportunities

Carton Opportunities provides a website and program for recycling cartons.  This Document can help guide you to building a Carton Recycling Program at your school, and this flyer de-bunks myths about recycling cartons. Check out their website for more information.  


Lowes Social Responsibility Grants

Lowe’s and the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation focus giving efforts on public K-12 public/charter education and community improvement projects. These community improvement projects are high-need projects such as: building renovations/upgrades, grounds improvements, technology upgrades as well as safety improvements. We have two grant programs, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education and Lowe’s Community Partners.


Free Recycling Presentation for K-12 Schools

GFL Environmental is committed to educating students about recycling and is continuing to offer an educational program for schools in Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties.

  • Age appropriate presentations for Pre - Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Fulfills one of the requirements towards becoming a “Michigan Green School”.
  • Presentation is free!
  • For more information, click here.

Terracyle_0.png - Recycle the Non-recyclable

TerraCycle is eliminating the  idea of waste by recycling the "non-recyclable."  Whether it's  coffee capsules from your home,  pens from a school, or plastic  gloves from a manufacturing facility, TerraCycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste.


Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

The Michigan Arbor Day   Alliance (MADA) is a coalition of  organizations and  agencies dedicated to  the promotion and  celebration of Arbor Day  throughout Michigan.  Their site provides information on different environmental competitions students/teachers can participate in as well as grant opportunities.  

Presently, they are sponsoring a 5th Grade Arbor Day Poster Contest that is open to all Michigan 5th grade students, among other opportunities and resources available to schools.

The contest website is:


Waste Management, Inc.

Waste Management, a founding sponsor of Macomb County’s Green Schools Program, has educational material on its website for schools to utilize which stress the Five “Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect and Recover. Waste Management promotes environmental protection and offers to educate students through field trip opportunities, presentations and support materials
Visit their education programming pages here for more info.

Contact: Kathy Klein


Sierra Club

Sierra Club's goal is to practice and promote the responsible use of Earth's ecosystem through education and the enlistment of humanity, using all lawful means to carry out their objectives. School and community group presentations are available.
Visit the Michigan Sierra Club for more info.

Contact:  Jerry Hasspacher


Green Living Science

Green Living Science(GLS) is a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 2011 in the City of Detroit. It is our mission to encourage understanding of our reliance on our environment, our impact, and the importance of individual decision-making.

Through academic programs and infrastructure building, we can help your school reduce your environmental impact and enhance community involvement. 

Click Here to find out how Green Living Science can help you with your Green School Points!*

*These activities are to serve as a guideline.  Make sure you always refer to the activities in the Macomb County Green Schools Guideline to make sure they can be counted for points. 


EcoWorks (formerly WARM Training Center)

EcoWorks (formerly WARM Training Center) is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities to learn and practice the sustainable use of energy and natural resources through innovative education, job training, consulting, social business, and advocacy. EcoWorks provides Green Schools educational support through energy presentations (solar, alternative), energy audits, youth volunteer opportunities, etc.

EcoWorks recommends trying these fun, online games:
Energy Hog
Dr. E.s Energy Lab

Contacts:  Jacob Corvidae -
Justin Schott  -


Arts & Scraps

Arts & Scraps is a non-profit organization that uses 28 tons of recycled industrial materials to help people of all ages think, create and learn. Arts & Scraps will accept your school supplies collection donations including crayons!  Onsite project activities and field trips can be arranged.  Visit for more information and check out their calendar of events for upcoming activities!. 

Contact: Peg Upmeyer

Direct Energy   Learning Center

Check out the resources available at the Direct Energy Learning Center website.


Green Education Foundation

The Green Education Foundation offers a variety of K-12 resources, like how to set up a composting or recycling program, and offers contests in which schools can participate.  Visit here to find out more.


MCC Center for the Performing Arts

The Macomb Center not only brings the best in entertainment to Southeast Michigan, but is a center of education and enrichment offering a variety of cultural and enrichment experiences to the young and the young at heart.  Events relating to Green Schools, environmental protection, wildlife preservation, etc. are staged and supporting materials such as study guides, student response sheets and teacher guides are available.  Visit here to learn more.

Contact: Megan Mott


Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association offers information and educational support regarding alternative and renewable energy. They have a Speakers Bureau available and sponsor an annual Michigan Renewable Energy Fair.  Learn more here.



ECOSizeMe and Earth-Smart LLC

ECOsize Me is a SE Michigan based organization focused on environmental education and communication. ECOsize ME provides classroom presentations, school assemblies, after-school club programs as well as district-wide green school workshops and training.

Contact: Tracy Purrenhage

Ray Wiegand's Nursery

Ray Wiegand’s Nursery offers educator discounts and support to Macomb County Green Schools. Visit or call the store for more information about discounts, field trips and presentations.

Contact: Wendy Wiegand


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Training Center

The IBEW Local 58 Training Center’s 50,000 square foot facility contains both a PV Array and a Wind Turbine. The facility hosts field trips or events, and partners with middle- and high-schools on alternative energy programs.

Contact: Jennifer Mefford


Macomb County School Garden Initiative

MCSGI is a group composed of teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers interested in youth gardening in and around Macomb County.  Information about assistance and projects are available at the group’s blog or on its Facebook page.

Contact: Jean Persely


Great Lakes Energy Service

GLES is a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate renewable energy education, energy education, and renewable energy technology throughout the Great Lakes Region. Educational resources and information is available via the website

Contact: Chris Dunkel


Midwest School Shows

Midwest School Shows features an environmental awareness assembly that has been well-received by schools seeking Official Michigan Green School status. Learn more here.  Or check out their Facebook page  or Twitter.   

Contact:  Brandy Linn



Check out the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s At School Resources.



Ecotek is a science research organization made up of future scientists and engineers.  Students range in age from 10 to 17 and are actively interested in solving international problems through science and discovery.  The students work on a wide range of projects in four major project areas with an emphasis on understanding the role science plays in policy-making at a global level. To recommend a student for Ecotek, or for more information, visit Ecotek here.

Contact: Keith Young


American Textile Recycling Services

American Textile Recycling Services helps recycle clothing, shoes, and other household items.  Through their website, you can host a bin or find a bin in your area.  Their bin takes up 5 square feet and the donated items are used in a variety of ways--from thrift stores to industry rags to disaster relief.  


Target Field Trip Grants 

It’s become increasingly difficult for schools to fund learning opportunities outside the classroom. To help them out, Target launched Field Trip Grants in 2007 enabling millions of students to go on a field trip.