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Congratulations to Macomb County Green Schools! 


The128 Macomb County schools which achieved Official Michigan Green Schools status for the 2015-16 academic year were celebrated at an event held April 15, 2016.  Of the 128 participating schools, 44 earned "Green" status; 33 earned "Emerald" status; and 51 earned "Evergreen" status.

The winning logo entry (pictured at right) was submitted by 8th grader, Kayleigh King, of Seneca Middle School.

Several other special distinctions were announced:

Top Green School: Pleasantview Elementary School; Top Emerald School: Richards Middle School; Top Evergreen School: Mohawk Elementary School; Top Overall School: Holden Elementary School

An award recognizing outstanding creativity was given to L'Anse Creuse Middle School Central for their development of unique eco-reading program materials.

Lutz School was awarded a certificate of distinction for their floral re-purposing program.

Quality and technical excellence awards were given to the following schools, in recognition of the high level of quality of their submissions: Macomb County JJC School; St. Joan of Arc School; St. Mary School; Iroquois Middle School; Carkenord Elementary School.

In addition, school-submitted photos, videos and presentations were enjoyed by attendees and two special speakers provided positive and inspirational talks: Kathy Klein of Waste Management, Inc. with "A Green Point of View: Choosing A Positive Approach," and Karen Smoots, Founder/Inventor/Mom, Green Glove Dryer with "Learning to Earning: A Green Entrepreneurial Journey."

Five lucky schools won the raffle prizes which were Green Glove Dryer Classroom Packs: Graebner Elementary; Mt. Clemens Montessori School; Disney Elementary; John F. Kennedy Middle School; and Fox Elementary School.

The Board of Commissioners is proud of all of our schools; we're looking forward to next year!


Why Participate in the Green Schools Program? 

The Michigan Green Schools Program is a fun, educational initiative which encourages students to participate in activities that are good for the environment and promote energy efficiency and savings. Click on the Michigan Green Schools Logo to find out more! 


Be sure to check out a few events going on at other Macomb County Green Schools by visiting our Info-Ideas-Events page. If you have something going on related to your Green School Program, please let us know so we can help promote!

Click here for ideas, activity opportunities, and other resources. 

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Advanced Planning for the Upcoming School Year:

Green School Applications Due:  March 1st, 2017

Green School Annual Celebration:  April 17th, 2017